The Robert and Pamela Jung Family


Bob and Pam

Our family is a blended one. We were married in May of 2000 and togther have five children. Matt, Luke, and Teka are from Pam's first marriage and John and Jim are from Bob's first marriage.

Matt is married to our wonderful daughter-in-law, Earlie and they have two children, Caleb and Gabe and reside in Indiana. Luke is married Anne Marie and they have three children; Lucas, Michael and Emily. Luke and Annie live in Wisconsin. Teka is married to our first son-in-law, Steve. Teka and Steve live in California. Jim married Abby and they have three children, including identical twin boys.  They live in Wisconsin.

As you have seen on our site, John, passed away on August 27, 2006 in Philadelphia. He was single and is greatly missed by our family. Jim is single and lives in Wisconsin.

We are a family that has been greatly blessed in many ways and hope that this site is a blessing and help to you. Even more so we want each of you to have HOPE. Hope because there truly is an Almighty God who chose to love you, forgive you and sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to die for each of you so that you may have everlasting life. We hope that you believe that is true, but if you are unsure, we hope that you will write us and will share with us where you are at. We will not judge you.

Thank you again for visiting this website.

--Bob & Pam


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