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Perhaps you or someone in your family desperately needs to seek help with an addiction; below are some places to start. Yes, START. Until you make a decision there will be no change in your life.

This page is not only addressed to the addict but to the family and friends of the addict as well. You need support, education and truth.

Do you feel like at times you're the one who feels crazy? You must be the one who doesn't understand and you're the one who is making this substance abuse way more than it is. It's not you; it's the craziness of living in the world with an addict. Many of the programs listed in the Recovery section have companion programs for family and friends. You need to learn about the disease and how to have boundaries to protect yourself and your children. Check out these sites.

Drug Awareness

ACLS  - Effects of Illegal Drugs on the Heart (

Living with a Rehabilitated Drug Addict (


Adiction Group - Alcoholic Mothers Effect on Daughters (+How to Find Help) (


Overcomers Outreach -

Drug awareness for parents and employers:

The Partnership for a Drug-Free America:

Gateway Drugs

Michael's House:

Foundations Recovery Network:



Recovery Programs & Resources

Addiction Center


Addiction Group - How to Sober Up from Molly, Cocaine or Alcohol (


Addiction Treatment, Rehab, & Recovery Info | Addiction Group


Addiction Treatment Centers | Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers (


Addiction Rehab Centers | Rehab Center Indianapolis


Alcoholics Anonymous


The Risks of Mixing Alcohol and Drugs - Alcohol Help


Alcohol Rehab Guide


American Addiction Centers

Celebrate Recovery®


Riviera Beach Treatment Centers in South Florida | Intrepid Detox (


Cocaine Anonymous


Consumer Safety Guide


Detox Local: Drug Detox Centers & Alcohol Withdrawal Help

Drug Rehab Connections


Addiction Resources Washington State | Oregon Addiction Resources (


Granite Recovery Center - What to Know About Binge Drinking - Granite Recovery Centers

Opiod Help


ProjectKnow - Pewaukee WI




Sex Addicts Anonymous®


Sleep Help

White Sands Treatment Center


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