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Standing In The Rain

I want to avoid you, cruel messenger of grief;

To run far away, in pursuit of relief.

Each way that I turn, your voice calls my name;

My sorrow keeps shouting life will never be the same.

At times I have fought you, to make you retreat;

But you always prevail…and my hope you deplete.

I also hear God’s Voice…so strange it’s refrain;

He urges me gently, “turn your face towards the pain”.

How can He be saying this? I’ve no strength to obey;

Yet somehow He turns me, and we stand in the rain.

The rain doesn’t stop, but His Arms hold me tight;

He whispers, “My daughter, lean on Me…cease your fight”.

He tells me in time the sun will return;

And life will be different, but my faith will stand firm.

© 2007 Pamela J. Jung, All Rights Reserved
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