Robert Jung Family Outreach
Robert Jung Family Outreach

John W. Jung Memorial Fund

As you most likely gathered by now, John had a wonderful group of friends. John impacted so many people for good that in his passing a large number of friends from UW-Madison and the University of Pennsylvania worked to develop a memorial scholarship fund that would carry on the legacy of John into the future.

The mission of this memorial is:

"Celebrating the life of John Jung by recognizing student achievement and helping those with addictions."

Please take a moment to visit this site and if your heart leads you, make a tax deductible contribution to the UW-Foundation that will help other students with their tuition expenses.

Thank you,


Update on JWJ Memorial Fund

Through all of your generosity the JWJ Memorial Fund now has enough funds to pay for a deserving student's first year at UW-Madison.  This fund will carry on in perpituity. 


Thanks to all of you who contributed.

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