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Statistics on Drug and Alcohol abuse

You would think that being the parents of a child who had multiple addictions would drive you to learn everything you possibly could about alcohol and drug abuse, but it didn’t. I (Bob) was a parent who grew up in the 60’s and 70’s; you believe that you know most of what there is to know about alcohol, drugs and sex. You even believe that your generation invented the abuse and acceptance of all of these behaviors and that your kid’s are dabbling in the “minor leagues;” ‘we know what it was like to be hippies, go to Vietnam and abuse ourselves unnecessarily.’

We have grown up as parents who want our kids to have it better than we had it. We swear to ourselves that we’re going to do a better job parenting than our parent’s did with us. We’ve fooled ourselves!

You look at your kids and think, “I know they’re drinking and maybe doing some pot, but what the heck, so did I and I think I handled it OK.” Oh what a mistake!

Today our kids are exposed to pot that has a THC level 10 times higher than 25 years ago. The parties they go to aren’t just pot parties; they’re pharming parties; parties where kids bring different prescription drugs and try them to get high. They are doing cocaine in junior high and maybe even heroin. You don’t think that in high school or junior high school your kids could get exposed to heroin or cocaine, yet they are. We foolishly think that those types of drugs are mostly in the inner city. Wrong! There is a higher use of illegal drugs in the suburbs than in urban areas.

The following statistics have been gathered from a variety of sources and should put into perspective for parents what is really going on at school these days.

Young People

Much of what you read on“The Stats don’t Lie”page may not be new to your world, perhaps the actual statistics will be. You’re in tough world despite the fact that as parents we want it to be a better world for you. If you struggle with substances or even if you are just scared from peer pressure, talk with your parents. If you can’t do that, talk with the parents of a good friend that you trust. If there is no place to go, write me: I will keep our conversations confidential and help point you in the right direction.

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