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In November, 2009 Pam and I visited Israel. We spent 12 days touring the country with 300 people We were part of a tour that was led by Joel Rosenberg. If you are nor familar with Joel, you should look into him. Joel has written many books, both fiction and non-fiction that address the situation in the Middle East. Joel's book, The Last Jihad was published just a month before September 11, 2001. In this fiction book, Joel pens the story of terrorist who was "Jihad" on the United States by flying planes into buildings in the U.S. Coincidental, but intriguing vision.

Joel has his own ministry, The Joshua Fund and also does commentary on Middle East. You will find him interviewed on places like, Fox News and The Glen Beck Show. Joel's knowlege of Israel and Middle East make him an expert who is summoned by those in Congress and the leaders of Israel.

While in Israel we had the privlege of being addressed by Moshe Yaalon, the Vice Prime Minister of Israel. The Vice Prime Minister addressed the challenges that Israel faces, particularly with the pursuit of nuclear weapons by Iran. In addition, Hamas and Hezbollah continue to reign acts of hatred and agression towards Israel. Since we returned home in November, 2009 there have been more missle attacks in southern Israel (January, 2010). These rockets have been fired by Hamas in Gaza as an act of agression. With all of the combined hatred towards Israel, tensions are running high.

While Pam and I were in Israel our guides conveyed the results of polling of the Israeli population. The question was: "If Israel needed help in the midst of a conflict, do you believe the United States would support the State of Israel?" The results were unbelieveable. When George Bush was president, the poll showed an 88% tally that the people of Israel believed that U.S. would stand behind them. That same poll with Barack Obama as president, showed a 4% support rating! That is so incredible and the reason why Israel believes they are on their own in the world.  (2018 - Fortunatley, Israeli's support for Donald Trump is over 80%.  There is hope again that America will support Israel.  The moving of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem was one of number of important actions taken.)

In early November, while were travelling the Galilee region, the news came to us that the United Nations took up a resolution regarding Israel. The resolution was about whether to try Israeli leaders for war crimes for their invasion of Lebanon (Hezbollah) and Gaza (Hamas) in early 2009. Israel's response in this conflict was after thousands of missles had been launched by these two terrorist organizations into Israel over the past five years. There are 192 member countries in the U.N.; the result of the vote showed only 18 countries supporting Israel! The rest of the world voted either to try the leaders of Israel for war crimes, or they merely abstained from voting. Incredible!

If you do not care to look harder into the conflict in the Middle East and the reason why Israel has been a nation again since 1948, you really should. Not only historically but Biblically as well, this is going to be the "Hot Spot" in the world. This tiny country, which about 1/7 the size of Wisconsin is so wanted by others that they will kill every Jew if necessary to conquer it. This is the Epi-Center and specifically, Jersusalem is the Epi-Center of the Epi-Center. There will be great battles at this spot, particularly leading up to the return of Christ. These are not my thoughts or words, but rather those from God in the Bible. See Ezekiel 37 & 38, 1st Thessalonians 4 & 5 and the book of Revelation.

Lastly, before you write me (Bob) off as a complete "whack-job", read the above and lets talk. I'm not a person for the dramatic and sensational, but I am one who does believe there is a God and he loves us and plans to come back for us. I can explain why I believe that, if you don't.

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