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One of our family’s great joys has been getting to know Laurie over the years. Laurie began dating John during his senior year at UW-Madison (2001). Although their relationship had some ups and downs over the years, they still remained friends and our family continued our relationship with Laurie over the years and still does even after John’s death. We have her listed as one of our children because we told her we were going to adopt her into our family because we think so highly of her as a person.

Laurie is a school teacher in Wisconsin and works with grade school age students. Laurie is now married to Jason Bazan.  Laurie has a wonderful spirit about her and truly seeks to grow as a person and live an honorable life. She is going to be wonderful wife for a lucky man someday.

One thing that we enjoy with Laurie is our times sitting up late at night and just talking; often it’s in our pajamas in front of a fireplace. The great thing is that the content of our conversations are so real. We talk about life and the challenges that it brings. We also share our great joys with one another. We respect Laurie for a host of quality character traits she possesses, but one particular area is her humbleness and willingness to seek advice from us. We so enjoy walking along side her as she just continues to grow and blossom as a person. We also look forward to having Laurie join us on vacations. This year we are going on two vacations together and also have those occasional weekend retreats somewhere in the area. We are all blessed that she chooses to be a part of our family.

Laurie, we love having you in the family.

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