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Building a Mission Statement

Mission Statement: Honor God, Serve Others

The two of us have worked on developing our mission statement. A mission is: A statement of purpose. Our mission is our focus; it’s why we exist as a couple and individually.

We have chosen to follow Christ in our lives and honor the Father. For us, that means we do our best to be “other centered”; although we cannot do this perfectly, it still is our main focus. The first focus is on God and the next is on others. That means caring about the other person in our marriage first and doing the same with our family, friends and people we work with.

We would encourage you to develop a mission statement for your life, marriage or family. Keep it short, under 10 words if possible. It is about your purpose, why you exist. Keep it in front of you and regularly see if it truly fits your purpose and how you order your life. If not, modify it and hone it until it fits your life and is what you believe God has you here for. It is not uncommon for the process of developing this statement to take up to six months.

Once your mission is developed, it should not change often. Unlike goals and objectives (the measurement of the goal) that can change periodically as we need to focus on more specific areas of life (Health, relationships, education, finances, etc.), your mission should stay very rooted as the base of understanding you have of your purpose in life.

Take some time as a couple (or individually) and develop a mission statement, once you do, set some goals that are compatible with your mission. This will help keep your life and marriage focused. You will be amazed how obvious it becomes when you make choices in life that are inconsistent with your mission. That's a good thing.

If you need help trying this, contact us.

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